Hey, my name is

Marco Schlichting

Hello! My name is Marco and I enjoy writing code. Things that require a power source and have some display are my working tools.

Everything began when I was in school and hacked together Warcraft 3 Custom Maps and built small websites to advertise them.

Today I am working full-time at a german IT agency, but to bring back the hobby into my profession I started to create this website and am planning on creating more!

An image of myself in Paris



My personal dream daily planner concept with a focus on simplicity and productivity - Now #buildinpublic


Pathfinding FX


A visualization library experiment for interactive website effects based on pathfinding algorithms




While being affected by COVID-19 I wandered the Internet and discovered several beautiful looking portfolio websites and thought: "Why not creating my own?" - Well, you are watching the result of that right now.



  1. PHP
  2. SQL
  3. GraphQL
  4. HTML
  5. CSS / SCSS
  6. JavaScript


  1. Laravel
  2. Vue
  3. React
  4. GatsbyJS
  5. Angular
  6. TailwindCSS
  7. AlpineJS


  1. Bash
  2. Git / Github
  3. Postman
  4. Jenkins
  5. Plesk
  6. npm

Although I'm not looking for any new opportunies, I'd love to hear from you!
Feel free to contact me somewhere here: